SR-22-001 – Fuel Pump May Fail – 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

January 24, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V027000

Fuel Pump May Fail

Fuel pump failure can cause an engine stall, increasing the risk of a crash.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V027

Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.


Potential Number of Units Affected 16,616



Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) is recalling certain 2022 Outlander vehicles. The commutator and wires inside the fuel pump may be fused incorrectly, potentially causing the fuel pump to fail.



Dealers will replace the fuel pump, free of charge. Owner notification letters were mailed March 18, 2022. Owners may contact MMNA customer service at 1-888-648-7820. MMNA’s number for this recall is SR-22-001.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Check if your Mitsubishi has a Recall


AFFECTED VEHICLES: Certain 2022 Outlander vehicles



A recall campaign will be released today for the replacement of the fuel pump with a countermeasure part on certain 2022 Outlander vehicles built after July 2021. The Recall Bulletin outlining the repair procedure will be available today on MEDIC and MDL.

The commutator and wires in the fuel pump may not have been fused together correctly during production, resulting in poor continuity. As a result, the commutator and the brushes in the fuel pump could wear abnormally in use, causing the fuel pump to be inoperative. If the fuel pump does not operate, the engine may stall while driving, which increases risk of a crash.

Notification letters are scheduled to begin mailing to owners of affected vehicles on March 18, 2022, requesting they contact their local Authorized Mitsubishi dealership to schedule an appointment to have this recall performed.

A very limited number of parts are currently available, and an initial allocation of parts in inventory will be made to dealers. An additional allocation will be made at the time of customer notification which is anticipated to be mid-March 2022. No other parts are currently available for order.

Affected new vehicle inventory VINs can be reviewed on the Mitsubishi Dealer Link in the Most Recent: Open Campaign List available under the service section of “e-reports.” Dealers must review the Warranty Superscreen to confirm if any vehicles in their new or used vehicle inventories are affected and complete this campaign prior to delivering them. When checking for the applicability of this campaign (C2201R), please check for and complete any other open campaigns. Always obtain the customer’s approval before completing a campaign on a customer-owned vehicle.



This campaign bulletin instructs dealers to replace the fuel pump with a countermeasure part.



The commutator and wires in the fuel pump may not have been fused together correctly during production, resulting in poor continuity. As a result, the commutator and the brushes in the fuel pump could wear abnormally in use, causing the fuel pump to be inoperative. If the fuel pump does not operate, the engine may stall while driving, which increases risk of a crash.



Certain 2022 Outlander vehicles



Affected new or used inventory vehicles must be repaired before the vehicle is sold/ delivered. Dealers must check their inventory vehicles’ VINs on the Warranty Superscreen to verify whether the vehicle is involved in this recall campaign. It is a violation of Federal law for a dealer to sell/deliver a new motor vehicle or any new or used item of motor vehicle equipment (including a tire) covered by the notification under a sale or lease until the defect or noncompliance is remedied.



A letter will be sent to all owners of affected vehicles telling them to visit their local Authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer to have the fuel pump replaced. A copy of the customer notification letter appears at the end of this bulletin.




  • Prior to repair work, fuel level must be under ½ of a full tank to avoid potentially dangerous fuel spills.
  • Check for DTCs. If DTC’s are present that are unrelated to the fuel pump, please trouble-shoot them as specified in the service manual.

Fuel Pressure Release

Remove fuel pump assembly

Install fuel pump assembly

Check for fuel leakage

Check self-diagnosis results of all ECUs and erase DTC.

Job Complete



1. General tools
2. Shop cloth
3. MUT-Ⅲ
4. Lock ring wrench (SST: J-45747)




When replacing fuel line parts, be sure to observe the following.

  • Put a “CAUTION: FLAMMABLE” sign in the workshop.
  • Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and furnish the workshop with a CO2 fire extinguisher.
  • Never smoke while servicing the fuel system. Keep open flames and sparks away from the work area.



  • Use gasoline required by the regulations for octane numbers.
  • Before removing fuel line parts, perform the following procedures:

① Put drained fuel in an explosion-proof container and put the lid on securely. Keep the container in a safe area.
② Release fuel pressure from the fuel lines. Refer to Repair Procedure.
③ Disconnect the battery cable from the negative terminal.

  • Always replace O-ring and clamps with new ones.
  • Never bend or twist tubes when they are being installed.
  • Never tighten hose clamps excessively to avoid damaging hoses.
  • After installing tubes, check that there is no fuel leakage at connections in the following steps.

① Apply fuel pressure to fuel lines by turning the ignition switch “ON” (with the engine stopped). Then check for fuel leakage at connections.
② Start the engine and rev it up and check for fuel leakage at connections.



1. Release fuel pressure

a. Release fuel pressure from the fuel lines.

1) Remove fuel pump fuse inside the engine compartment (Fuse No. 85).
2) Start the engine.
3) After engine stalls, crank two or three times to release all fuel pressure.
4) Turn ignition switch OFF



  • DO NOT reinstall the fuel pump fuse until after the fuel pump is installed.


b. Preparation before disconnecting the battery cable from the negative terminal.

1) To make room for the repair work, slide the front seat forward.
2) Open the liftgate for gas smell ventilation.
3) Insert a fuel filler funnel in the fuel filler cap and release the pressure inside the fuel tank. A fuel filler funnel can be found inside the Cargo floor are (see below).
4) After using the fuel filler funnel return it to its storage area (see below).


c. Disconnect battery negative terminal.



  • With the adoption of the Auto ACC function, ACC power is automatically supplied by operating the Intelligent Key or remote keyless entry or by opening/closing the driver side door.
  • In addition, ACC power is supplied even after the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position, i.e. ACC power is supplied for a certain fixed time.
  • When disconnecting the 12V battery terminal, turn off the ACC power before disconnecting the 12V battery terminal, observing “How to disconnect 12V battery terminal” described below.

① Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
② Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position with the driver’s side door opened.
③ Get out of the vehicle and close the driver’s side door.
④ Wait at least 3 minutes. (This avoids activating the security alarm.)


  • While waiting, never operate the vehicle such as locking, opening, and closing doors. Violation of this caution results in the activation of the ACC power supply according to the Auto ACC function.

⑤ Remove the battery negative terminal and apply tape to the battery terminal to avoid connection until the repair is complete.


When re-installing the battery terminal at the completion of the repair, always check the self-diagnosis results of all ECUs and erase DTCs.

d. Pull the second row seats up.

1) Remove the head rest of the second row seats.
2) Remove rear scuff plate (LH/RH)
3) Protect seat back of the front seat, console, center pillar, quarter trim, and front adjuster rail cover with cardboard or cloth for preventing scratches.

e. Remove second seat bolts (LH/RH) and pull second row seat up.

1) Remove second row seat mounting bolts (LH) and pull the seat up and forward.
2) Remove second row seat mounting bolts (RH) and pull the seat up and forward.

f. Pull up the rear floor carpet.

1) Pull up the rear floor carpet with careful attention to the wiring harness and seat release cable protector.


2. Remove fuel pump assembly

a. Rotate inspection hole cover clips with a hand tool clockwise until they align with the holes in the metal plate.



b. Disconnect fuel pump harness connector and then remove inspection hole cover.

c. Disconnect the quick connector.

1) Cover near the floor of fuel pump assembly with a shop towel.

d. Hold the sides of the connector, push in tabs and pull out the fuel feed tube.


① Quick connector can be disconnected when the tabs are completely depressed.
② Never twist it more than necessary.
③ Never use any tools to disconnect quick connector.
④ Never bend or twist resin tubes during installation and disconnection.


  • If quick connector sticks to the tube of the fuel pump assembly, push and pull the Quick connector several times until they start to move.

e. Cover quick connector completely with plastic bags or something similar then move quick connector with fuel pump harness to the floor.

f. Remove the lock ring of the fuel pump assembly.

1) Install lock ring wrench (SST: J-45747) to the position shown in the figure.

g. Place the lock ring wrench on to lock ring.

h. To reduce the impact caused by removal operation, use a long spinner handle [handle length: 60cm (23.62 in) or more] with an extension and slowly turn it counterclockwise.


  • To prevent the lock ring wrench from detaching, securely hold down the spinner handle by hand.

i. Remove the old lock ring.


  • Do not reuse the lock ring.

j. Remove fuel pump assembly.


  • Never bend float arm during removal.
  • Do not allow residue to contaminate the fuel. Use a shop towel to keep the area clean.
  • Do not drop or mishandle components.

1) For 2WD:

  • Remove fuel pump assembly.

2) For AWD:

  • Lift the fuel pump assembly, and then disconnect the harness connector.

3) Pinch quick connector square-part with your fingers and pull out the quick connector by hand. Then remove fuel pump assembly.

k. Remove old O-ring, and clean up fuel tank position shown in the figure with parts cleaner


3. Install new fuel pump assembly.


  • Never bend float arm during installing.
  • Never cause impacts by dropping when handling components.

a. Install new O-ring (MW400309) to fuel tank without any twist.

b. For 2WD Vehicles Only:

1) Put the fuel pump (MW400307) with its section facing toward the vehicle’s front direction.


2) To set the fuel pump assembly , align with E-ring groove and turn it clockwise until it hits the stopper. (This is due to the fuel gauge float being close to the fuel tank.)

c. For AWD Vehicles Only:

1) Insert the quick connector straight to the fuel pump assembly (MW400308).

2) Judge a good fit from connecting sound and tactile feedback.
3) Pull the fuel tube by hand to check a secure fit.
4) Connect harness connector.

5) Place the fuel pump with its section facing toward the vehicle’s front direction.

d. Install a new lock ring (MW400310).

1) Install a new lock ring for fuel pump assembly with the lock ring wrench by turning clockwise.


  • Install lock ring horizontally.
  • Turn the lock ring until it is engaged in the fuel tank side as shown in the figure.

f. Connect the quick connector of the fuel feed tube.

1) Align the connector with the tube, then insert the connector straight into the tube until a “click” sound is heard.


  • Check the connection for damage or any foreign materials.
  • Make sure the retainer does not have a crack.


  • Remove the retainer from the old fuel pump and reuse it on the new fuel pump.

2) After connecting, check that the connection is secured with the following procedures.

  • Visually confirm that the two tabs are connected to the connector


  • Pull the tube and the connector to check that they are securely connected.

g. Connect harness connector.


  • Before installing the inspection hole cover, check that the connecting part has no fuel leakage.

h. Temporarily install the inspection hole cover, then connect the harness connector.

i. Connect battery negative terminal.

1) Re-Install fuel pump fuse inside the engine compartment (Fuse No. 85).

j. Check that the connecting part has no fuel leakage with the followingprocedures:1)Turn the ignition ON and check for fuel leakage.

2)Start the engine and check for fuel leakage.
3)Turn the ignition OFF.
4)Wait at least 3 minutes.
5)Remove the battery negative terminal and apply electrical tape to prevent sparks.

k. Install the inspection hole cover with the front mark (arrow) facing the front of the vehicle. Lock clips by turning counterclockwise.

4.Install second row seat assembly.

a.Turn rear seat carpet back to the original position.

b.Align the floor harness with the split of carpet. (Green circle points)


  • Make sure carpet is properly tucked beneath the luggage side lower finisher (RH/LH).

c. Attach the seat release cable protector onto the carpet surrounded by the red dotted linein the picture below.

1)Tighten the second seat mounting bolts. <40±6N・m / 5 bolts>
2)When re-installing the seat, be careful not to pinch the harness and cable.
(Do a visual check underneath the seats.)

5. Connect the battery negative terminal.

6. Check the self-diagnosis results of all ECUs.






Use the genuine Mitsubishi Part listed below:

O-RING MW400309 1 2WD/AWD Common part.

Always replace after every disassembly

Lock Ring MW400310 1 2WD/AWD Common part.

Always replace after every disassembly


1 Affected Product




11 Associated Documents

Recall Acknowledgement

RCAK-22V027-8603.pdf 645.39KB



Defect Notice 573 Report

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Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc) – February 7, 2022

RCMN-22V027-6543.pdf 37.377KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-22V027-9648.pdf 1869.846KB



Recall 573 Report – 2/3/2022

RCLRPT-22V027-8242.PDF 214.151KB



Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc) – March 18, 2022

RCMN-22V027-8618.pdf 202.661KB



ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

RCONL-22V027-7810.pdf 77.629KB



Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc)

RCMN-22V027-4895.pdf 125.301KB



Recall Quarterly Report #2, 2022-2

RCLQRT-22V027-8724.PDF 211.253KB



Recall Quarterly Report #3, 2022-3

RCLQRT-22V027-1145.PDF 211.342KB



Recall Quarterly Report #4, 2022-4

RCLQRT-22V027-8679.PDF 211.457KB



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