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R2R & J2534 Pass-Thru

Supporting Documents
TSB Update and Adapter Cable Chart (PDF)

Special Instructions for Raider and 420A Equipped Eclipses

Reprogramming System Indentification (PDF)

MUT3-SE Manual (PDF)

2022 Outlander Programming File Reference Table (PDF)



Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. offers Right-To-Repair(R2R) capability in accordance with national MOU(Memorandum of understanding) and J2534-1 Powertrain Control Module (PCM) re-flash capability in accordance with CARB & EPA regulations.


What is R2R (Right-To-Repair)?

Under the terms of R2R (Right-To-Repair), Mitsubishi Motors North America provides access to diagnostic information (MUT3-SE) for model year 2018 and newer vehicles. You must follow Mitsubishi Service Manual procedures for proper repair.


Requirements to Use J2534-1 Re-flash / R2R (Right-To-Repair) Capability on Mitsubishi Motors Vehicles

  • A Mitsubishi Motors Technical Service Bulletin Indicating the Need for a PCM Re-flash


As stated in the introduction, Mitsubishi Motors authorizes a PCM re-flash to be applied only in the event that such a procedure is supported by a specific Mitsubishi Motors Technical Service Bulletin (TSB). Any PCM re-flash applied not in accordance with a TSB may result in an unsatisfactory repair.


Because J2534-1 is an SAE standard, in theory, any J2534-1 certified device should be able to be used to perform J2534-1 re-flashes. PCM initialization (required when replacing a Mitsubishi PCM) can be performed with the J2534-1 device with newer CAN equipped vehicles. Legacy K-line equipped vehicles will require the MUT-III Special tool to accomplish PCM initialization (See Special Tools section). For a chart of CAN and K-Line equipped vehicles, please refer to CAN/KLINE Chart. Several special tool manufacturers have J2534-1 pass-thru devices available for sale. Mitsubishi Motors testing to date has found that there are some differences between the available devices in the market. Therefore, Mitsubishi Motors can only recommend the use of devices that have been validated to work on Mitsubishi Motors vehicles with Update Manager and Pass-Thru CAN (Mitsubishi Motors software applications to perform PCM procedures using a J2534-1 pass-thru device).


Before using either Mitsubishi Motors J2534-1 software application, be sure to have a validated J2534-1 Pass Thru Device. Currently the Drewtech CarDAQ-Plus (with 1.9.24 drivers) and the BOSCH MVCI (with drivers) have been validated with Mitsubishi Vehicles. For more information on these devices, please go to www.drewtech.com and www.boschdiagnostics.com.


Note: At this time, the Actia PassThru XS+ has not been validated with newer re-flashes.

  • A Windows Based Personal Computer


A personal computer is required to host Update Manager / Pass-Thru CAN and connect to the J2534-1 Pass-thru Device. Requirements for the computer are as follows:

  • For KLINE reflashes, the Update Managers A & B softwares are only supported in Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro + SP3, and Windows 7 (32-bit) operating systems.
  • For CAN reflashes, the CAN PassThru software is supported in Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro + SP3, and Windows 7 (32-bit) operating systems.
  • For Windows 7 (32-bit), the CAN PassThru software and Update Manager A & B requires temporary adjustment of the User Account Control Settings (UAC) to enable software activation.
  • To change the UAC settings in Windows 7:
1. Open Control Panel.
2. Click on the User Accounts icon.
3. Click on the User Accounts icon. This is not the same icon clicked in the previous step. This icon will be smaller.
4. Click on Change User Account Control settings.
5. Remember your last setting for the slider bar and then move the slider thumb to Never notify.
6. Click OK to accept the changes and reboot the PC for changes to take effect.
7. After using the CAN PassThru software, return the UAC settings to your previous setting or set it to Default. Another reboot is required for changes to take effect.


  • 256 megabytes of RAM (at least 256 megabytes recommended)
  • An available serial port or USB connection.
  • An internet connection
  • Sufficient hard drive space to install Update Manager / Pass-Thru CAN and store re-flash files & other support files (40 megabyte minimum).

Some K-Line PCMs require a special Y-cable adapter to connect the 16 pin OBD-II data-link connector from the J2534-1 pass-thru device to both the Mitsubishi 12 or 13 pin proprietary connector & the on-board 16 pin data-link connector. This cable can be purchased through Bosch Automotive Service Solutions (Part number MIT47295). Refer to the Adapter Cable Chart to determine which vehicles require the adapter cable.

Detailed reflash procedures >


1998 − 2014 MODEL PCM SOFTWARE UPDATES (as of 11/14 − Database #N14081)
Read the vehicle’s PCM part number and ROM−ID with Update Manager A (may need MIT47295 adapter cable).

Review the chart below to determine if the latest ROM−ID is higher than the ROM−ID reported by Update Manager A.

Be sure to review the related TSB thoroughly before re−flashing any PCM. Some re−flashes require updated parts for a re−flash to be successful.

Use Update Manager B (and specified adapters/cables in the chart) to apply an updated flash file to the PCM.


TSB Update and Adapter Cable Chart

Special Instructions for Raider and 420A Equipped Eclipses

Reprogramming System Indentification






Bestseller No. 1
Latest Version ECUs Programmer SM2Pro J2534VCI Read Write 67IN1 Dongle Suiatble for Efficient ECUs Programming Durable Diagnostic Tool Plastic ECUs Programmer Vehicle Repair Tool Engine Diagnostic
  • Stay up-to-date with thelatest firmware and support of the SM2Pro J2534VCI ECUs programmer, ensuring reliable perform and optimalresults.
  • The SM2Pro J2534VCI ECUs programmer is a trustedtool for professional technicians, offering comprehensive functionality and easy integration into your workflows.
  • The SM2Pro J2534VCI ECUs programmer offersadvanced functionality for efficient and precise ECUs programming.
  • With its 67IN1 without dongle & OBDcompatibility, the SM2Pro J2534VCI ECUs programmer provides a versatilesolution for read and write operations.
  • Experienceseamless ECUs programming with the SM2Pro J2534VCI, designed to streamlines the read and write processes for enhanced efficiency.
Bestseller No. 2
Autel MaxiFlash Elite VCI J2534 Pass-Thru ECU Programming Tool, Vehicle Communication Interface,Work with Autel MaxiSYS Elite II, Elite, MS908, MS908S Pro, MK908 Pro II, MS908CV, MK908P and PC
  • 【As a multi-protocol Pass-Thru vehicle interface】MaxiFlash Elite is a fully compliant SAE J2534-1 & SAE J2534-2 (March 2006) device. Specially designed to provide users with convenient PC communication and ECU reprogramming capabilities on any modern vehicle diagnostic bus, MaxiFlash Elite offers the most significant features desired by OEM customers: reliability, fast performance and flexibility.
  • 【MaxiFlash Elite is an accessory tool for MK908P, MS908S Pro】Autel MaxiSys Elite to program ECUs on specific for BMW and for Benz vehicles, in case you lost the J-2534 programmer. ★★NOTE: J2534 CANNOT directly work with these single devices. After you received the J2534, you HAVE TO send us both the S/N(12 digits) of your tablet MS908S(etc.) and J2534. So, technically, Autel engineers can help you bind J2534 with your devices. The functions are NOT universally compatible. Please send VIN number to 🚘jmxd2022@outlook.com📧🚘 to check compatibility before your order. If need any supports, Please contact us.
  • 【Wireless with advanced networking functions】Built-In Wireless with advanced networking functions and data storage. Fast performance ensures reprogramming even the newest controllers & Internet upgradable and updatable. Autel MaxiFlash Elite is compatiable with MaxiSYS MS908S, MaxiSYS MS908S Pro , MaxiSYS MS908CV, MaxiCOM MK908, MaxiCOM MK908 Pro, MaxiSYS Elite, MaxiSYS Elite II and Personal Computer
  • 【SAE J2534-1 & J2534-2 Standards】Autel MaxiFlash Elite J2534 is a fully compliant SAE J2534-1 & SAE J2534-2 (March 2006) device, which performs standard PassThru J2534 functionality: Compatible with for Toyota Techstream, Volvo VIDA, Honda HDS, Jaguar-Land Rover IDS and BMW 3G for OEM diagnostics. Autel MaxiFlash J2534 is also specially designed to provide users with P-C communication and ECU reprogramming capabilities on any modern vehicle diagnostic bus, reliability and flexibility.
  • 【Supports simultaneous communication Definition in J2534-1】Autel MaxiFlash Elite Reprogramming Device J2534 supports simultaneous communication definition in J2534-1, running 3 protocols at the same time, which greatly improves reprogramming and diagnostic speed. Embedded with the ARM9 Dual-core processor (clocked up to 500MHz), which further boosts the communicating speed.Rugged aluminum case with non-slip rubber end caps, capable of withstanding harsh environment.
Bestseller No. 3
Mongoose-Plus J2534 OEM Vehicle Interface Cable - GM OEM Reprogramming and Diagnostics
  • Industry-leading J2534 Pass-Thru Technology: Enabling diagnostics, reprogramming and security functions for dealerships and the independent repair facility. Economical and compact pass-thru devices provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to repair complex vehicles with OE applications in your shop. Each type (see single branded types above) Mongoose-Plus is engineered to work with one of the following OEM's J2534 applications for Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, & VW/Audi.
  • Supports Current GM Vehicles: Now includes CAN-FD, DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol - as defined in J2534-2) and support for J2534 version 5.0. This is the tool that GM dealerships use for diagnostics and reprogramming.
  • NEW Bluetooth Wireless Options Available: Providing wireless connectivity between your laptop and the Mongoose-Plus
  • Expert Product Support: Staffed by technicians who understand vehicle repair and J2534 Pass‑Thru applications to help you with any technical setup questions
  • Key Registration and Immobilizer Support: Using NASTF Vehicle Security Professional credentials
Bestseller No. 4
LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 Scan Tool: 2024 J2534 Reprogramming Tool, ECU Online Coding, Topology Mapping, Upgraded of X431 V+, Bi-Directional Diagnostic Scanner, with SmartBox 3.0 CANFD & DOIP, 2 Years Update
  • 【Why Choose LAUNCH scanner X431 PRO5】It is the original LAUNCH X431 scan tool, the 2024 upgraded version of PROS V+, X431 PRO3 and V+ 4.0, which is a worthwhile investment for repair shops and mechanics. LAUNCH X431 PRO 5, all is set to OE-level standards with 1) J2534 ECU Programming & 50+ service same as PAD Series; 2) Bi-directional control + All system diagnostics as Snap-on scanner; 3) Online Coding functions directly connect to OEM server; 4) Top-notch Topology Mapping function
  • J2534 Programming with Smart Box 3.0】 What is super SmartBox 3.0 VCI? Worth 1000$, Smart Box 3.0 is backed on new ISO9141/J1850/SAE J2610/CANFD/DOIP, which enables you to run 14x quicker data trans and advanced OEM J2534 reprogramming for B-MW, Ben-z, F-ord, Jaguar, Land Rover, GW, Volvo, etc. (please reach to us for more details). It also serves as a wireless VCI allowing the vehicle to transmit data to the diagnostic tablet without a physical connection.
  • 【New Released Topology Mapping】Update your X431 PRO 5 to V 7.03.014 to gain Topology Mapping function. This advanced feature, typically found only on tools costing over $3000, provides a comprehensive view of a vehicle's data bus configurations, improving repair efficiency by up to 90%. With just one click, you can gain insights into the layout of a vehicle's system and clear any troubles. Compatibility with your vehicle's brand should be verified by checking the VIN before purchasing.
  • 【LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 with Powerful 50+ Services】Especially designed for pro mechanics and big repair shops, Launch X431 scanner PRO5 is equipped with 50+ hot reset functions for 150 car makes which same as X431 PAD serious. Easy to navigate and help you do ABS Bleeding, TPMS Reset, Oil Reset, EPB Reset, Suspension, BMS, Injector Coding, IMMO, Power balance, Throttle Matching and more. 🚩Notice: we offer 2-year f ree update while other brands generally 1 year.
  • 【A-ctive Test + ECU Coding】Come with appealing bi-directional control to troubleshoot all possible problems for full systems within 5 min.This LAUNCH X431 PRO scanner even develops all practical functions needed by all technicians:1) ECU Coding for replacing, match, relearn, recode new ECU modules;2) Online Coding for B-MW, VW, Porsche, Ben-z to surf OEM data;3) VAG Guided functions ease complex issues;4) Personalization & ADAS improving car performance and driving safety.
Bestseller No. 5
VXDIAG VCX Nano Multiple GDS2 and TIS2WEB Diagnostic/Programming System for GM/Opel
  • Application Scenario: VCX NANO GDS2 car diagnostic tool for diagnosing vehicle faults and for programming and configuration for GM. Mainly diagnosing engine, transmission, ABS, instrument panel issues, and ECU, BCM, and PCM programming
  • Applicability: VXDIAG Automotive Code Readers Fully for SAE-J2534-1, SAE-J2534-2, and J2534 pass-thru. All current and most legacy vehicle protocols: CAN, UART, KW2000, Class2, GM LAN, etc. Please check if your vehicle is suitable.
  • System Requirements: GDS2 software suggestions install on win 7/8/10/11 32/64bit computers and compatible after 2010 for GM vehicles. TECH2WIN software suggestions installed on win7 32bit computers can be for GM vehicles that have an OBD-II diagnostic port after 1996.
  • Easy to Install Software: Tech 2 Scan Tools compatible software GDS, GDS2. And also, supports TIS2WEB online service programming system and Tech2Win application. Please close the antivirus software before installation, it will not damage your computer. And We can provide technical support and help you install the software online.
  • Firmware Updateable: CE and FCC compliance for hardware. How to resolve "License Expired" issue? Please download the latest vx manager. After downloading, please install the new vx manager. Then connect the device to the laptop, and laptop connecting network, open new vx manager, click "Firmware" to update, then click "Update license" to renew.
Bestseller No. 6
Chipsoft J2534 Pro Diagnostic Cable for Toyota TIS Techstream for Honda HDS 2 in 1 Car Diagnostic Tool J2534 Programming OBD Scanner
  • ♥ The Chipsoft J2534 Pro Cable is a diagnostic interface that is specifically designed for Toyota TIS Techstream and for Honda HDS.
  • ♥ This cable support all software that can support J2534 devices, enabling them to perform various diagnostic functions and access vehicle data.
  • ♥ The 2 in 1 cable supports a wide range for Toyota TIS Techstream and for Honda HDS, as well as accessing real-time sensor data and performing advanced programming functions.
  • ♥ The Chipsoft J2534 Pro Cable is easy to use, with a simple plug-and-play design. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and comes with the necessary drivers and software for seamless integration with the Techstream application.
  • ♥ Support Multi-Language, TIS Techstream Language Available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese. Cars owners and technicians can save time and money by performing in-depth diagnostics and programming tasks themselves.
Bestseller No. 7
RAP2 OEM J2534 Remote Reprogramming Tool for GM/Ford/Chrysler/Toyota/Honda/Nissan/Hyundai/Kia/BMW
  • All in one kit. Everything you need to reprogram vehicles in your shop. Includes OEM software and we do the programming for you.
  • Stop sending vehicles to the dealer or calling a mobile technician. We do the programming for you.
  • Includes hardware, OEM software, voltage maintainer and access to our team of remote experts so vehicles can be reprogrammed in your shop hassle‑free.
  • Call to schedule your programming session, plug it in, and we do the rest!
  • Currently covers BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai / Kia, and Nissan.
Bestseller No. 8
Zaxion Comprehensive Programming Solution SM2Pro J2534VCI with/Without 67IN1 Dongle OBDFW V2.21.21 Gaming Parts Programmer Read and Write Data Hardware Diagnostic Tool, type B
  • With its 67IN1 dongle & OBDcompatibility, the SM2Pro J2534VCI programmer provides a versatilesolution for read and write operations.
  • Experienceseamless programming with the SM2Pro J2534VCI, designed to streamlines the read and write processes for enhanced efficiency.
  • The SM2Pro J2534VCI programmer offersadvanced functionality for efficient and precise programming.
  • The SM2Pro J2534VCI programmer is a trustedtool for professional technicians, offering comprehensive functionality and easy integration into your workflows.
  • Stay up-to-date with thelatest firmware and support of the SM2Pro J2534VCI programmer, ensuring reliable perform and optimalresults.
SaleBestseller No. 9
LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite 2024 Newest J2534 Reprogramming Tool, ECU Programming, Online Coding, Topology Map, Full Diagnostic Tool with CANFD/DOIP, Bi-Directional Control, 60+ Services,HD Truck
  • 👍【DEALER-SHIP LEVEL LAUNCH X431 PAD V ELITE DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER】 The 2024 Newest All-around and High-end scan tool, upgrade of the original pad v and smartlink. ECU programming backup/restore for 30+ car brands, ECU/SCN coding, J2534/RP1210/CANFD/DO-IP/D-PDU, Topology Mapping, 300+ Service Functions, 1000+ Active Tests, VAG guided functions, FCA Autoauth, K*ey Programming, Highest Hardware Configuration and support 10+ Add-on Modules with 99.99% worldwide car coverage. LAUNCH X431 PAD V ELITE is a worthwhile investment for repair shops and mechanics.
  • 👍【HOW POWERFUL ABOUT PAD V ELITE?】 Beyond the most competitors in the market, LAUNCH X431 PAD V ELITE supports ECU/ECM Online Programming for 30+ Car Brands(The Most In Market) , including VW, Ford, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Land Rover, MG, Benz, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Subaru etc.especially for Mercedes-Benz, B-MW brands in the US;1. It can Backup/Restore data from original ECU; 2. Online or Offline Programming, Manual or Automatic to meet more needs; 3. Retrofit;4. ECU Upgrade;5. ECU Coding features: Data back up and restore, Recode ECU Data, Personalization, and loads of more.
  • 👍【HOW STRONG ABOUT OUR NEW VCI? 】🚩3.5'' screen SMARTLINK C support J2534/CANFD/DOIP/D-PDU/RP1210/HD Protocols for 99% vehicles,including 24V-36V HD cars.It used to read the vehicle data and send it to the tablet via bluetooth and WIFI. When the smartlink c works with computer, it acts as a J2534 Pass-thru device to perform the J2534 which empowers you to code the ECUs after replacement, and fix corrupted data in ECU, match the components, reflash second-hand ECUs and hidden functions.
  • 💯【INTELLIGENT DIAGNOSTIC + TOPOLOGY MAPPING+ONLINE REPAIR GUIDENCE】📊LAUNCH X431 PAD V ELITE obd1 obd 2 scanner auto scan and guide you to vehicle information page without step-by-step selection and can show all the vehicle modules with a colour coded topology structure communication network. It generates vehicle reports with one-click, review, store the data to graph, record, playback, screenshot, and print.📊It offers massive online repair guidance options including operation tips/relevant cases and more.
  • 💯【FULL BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROL+ REMOTE DIAGNOSIS】1000+ Bi-Directional Control /Active Test to send command to the ECU to perform specific tests for accurately identifying problems, such as injector buzz test, idle speed adjustment, window lock test, door lock test, glow on/off, ACG on/off etc. 📊Our X431 PAD V ELITE support remote diagnose service between devices, or via mobile phone,tablet and computer.
Bestseller No. 10
Autel MaxiFlash VCI Kit Vehicle Communication Interface J2534 PassThru ECU Programming Device Bluetooth Connection Internet Update Support CAN FD 4 CAN Channels DoIP D-PDU Works with PC or Autel MS909
  • 👉The MaxiFlash VCI Kit, compatible with the MaxiSYS MS909 advanced diagnostic tablet, includes a bluetooth-enabled vehicle communication interface (VCI), a J2534-compliant pass-thru programming device. This VCI Kit also includes an Autel Main Cable V2.0, USB 2.0 cable, and AC/DC adapter. Includes one-year Warranty.
  • 👉Supports CAN FD, 4 CAN Channels and DoIP, Supports D-PDU, IS O22900-1 & ISO 22900-2 protocols and is RP1210 compliant. ompatible with the MaxiSYS MS909 diagnostic tablet.
  • 👉Can be used with a Windows computer with an applicable OE subscription for vehicle module programming and when connected to the MaxiSYS MS909 tablet for compatible for BMW and for Mercedes vehicle module programming.
  • 👉Use with windows PC for vehicle module programming, J2534-1 & J2534-2 compliant,Bluetooth-enabled communication interface.
  • 👉MaxiFlash VCI compatible with MaxiSYS MS909. It is a combination of VCI and vehicle communication tools to provide faster dual Wi-Fi vehicle and network communication. It is a PassThru programming interface device that complies with D-PDU, SAE J2534 and RP1210 standards. Support BT, WIFI and USB communication. Data can be transmitted with or without cable connections.

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